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​We're weird about plants so you don't have to be.

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We're not the sort to brag. Don't mind if our clients do, though..

"It's a nature parfait!"

- Niko A, Decatur

"I love my terrarium! It's colorful, compact, and is very easy to maintain. I've had hit-and-miss luck with plants, so the last trait is especially satisfying for me! Greenery in Glass does a great job, and the product is especially good for an office setting (where direct sunlight and a regular watering schedule are often an impossibility)."

- Rivka L, Atlanta

"I am so delighted with my terrarium. I wanted to buy a gift for my husband that would be long-lasting and unique. Some of our best vacations were in Costa Rica and I thought this terrarium would be a great way to give him a beautiful piece of the rain forest enclosed in glass. At first he was skeptical that it would live because he had no experience with terrariums. After doing my research and learning that the success of them depends upon the appropriate expertise of the terrarium designer, I chose Greenery in Glass. I am so thrilled with it that I've bought two more and will continue to buy terrariums as gifts."

- Victoria P, Atlanta

​"I purchased two Little Fives for my office. They are the perfect size to be on my desk without taking up too much space. Just one month later there is significant growth and many questions and compliments on my Little Fives. Extremely low maintenance and a great addition to my office."

​- Christopher G, Atlanta

"My office has no windows and beige walls. In a desperate attempt to save my sanity, I tried a plant and hanging pictures of flowers. However, the pictures don't quite do the job and the plant went to that great Garden in the Sky. When I received my beautiful terrarium from Greenery in Glass, I was frightened that it would suffer the same fate as that of its predecessor. However, almost three months later, this beautiful addition to my windowless office is not only alive, but THRIVING!"

-Brandon O, Atlanta